What Are Vegimals?

The Vegimals, from the TV show "The Octonauts", are a special breed of little cute and cuddly underwater creatures that are part vegetable and part animal. They love helping around the Octopod and especially like making tasty, fish shaped kelp cakes! Understanding the Vegimals is a challenge, as they speak their very own language called Vegimalese. Shellington Sea Otter, who is part of the Octonauts crew, is the only one who can understand the Vegimals.

Vegimals from The Octonauts

Life On The Octopod With The Vegimals

You can almost always find the Vegimals in the Octopod's kitchen baking fish biscuits and kelp cakes, or in the Octopod's garden tending to the plants, fruits, and veggies. Cooking and gardening aren't the only things the Vegimals do around the Octopod. Occasionally you will find them helping Tweak Bunny fix things, playing ping-pong in the gym, and even helping outside the Octopod on certain adventures. Out of all of the Vegimals, Tunip is the only one who communicates with the Octonauts, is the Octopod's cook and gardener, and the leader of the Vegimals.

Vegimals Names

Vegimals in the Octopod gardenThe list contniues to grow, but below are the latest names of Vegimals, including the vegetable and animal names.

Tunip = Tuna and Turnip
Barrot = Bass and Carrot
Tominnow = Tomato and Minnow
Grouber = Tuber and Grouper
Codish = Cod and Radish
Sharchini = Zucchini and Shark
Perchkin = Pumpkin and Perch
Halibeet = Beet and Halibut
Yamchovy = Anchovy and Yam
Wallabaga = Rutabaga and Walleye
Pikato = Tomato and Pike
Charchard = Chard and Char
Maccoli = Broccoli and Mackerel
Carprika = Paprika and Carp
Albachoy = Bok Choy and Albacore
Salepeño = Jalapeño and Salmon
Vegi-Bot = Vegimal and Robot

Other Possible Vegimals

In several different episodes of the Octonauts other variations of Vegimals have been spotted by observant fans. There is a green Vegimal seen with Dashi in the Gup-C. This mysterious green Vegimal was seen in another episode cooking. A blue Vegimal has also been spotted in two episodes, including in the episode with Dashi and the green Vegimal in the Gup-C.

Vegimalese - The Languague of Vegimals

Vegimals speak a language called Vegimalese. The syntax and grammer structure of this language does not mimic an actual language and can be more commonly related to common animal sounds and expressions like a dog barking or whinning. However fans have disputed these claims and as the Vegimals can be seen having conversations with one another. This includes the fact that the Vegimal language skills have improved, as they can occasionally be found in creature reports and other episodes imitating and speaking some english words...with a Vegimal accent of course. Overall the Vegimals prefer to stick with their native tongue of Vegimalese.

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